TRANSition to freedom!

Stop cronyism.

A Message From Aria DiMezzo

Aria DiMezzo recently appeared on Cheshire TV to talk about her unorthodox message.

The Platform

Eating the Rich

Aria doesn't mean literally "eat the rich." However, the wealthy tend to use their wealth to enter government (see: Donald Trump), where they typically create regulations to keep themselves wealthy. This cronyist corruption has to stop. 

Not Afraid to Fight For What's Right

From standing up to Nazis to standing up to state oppression, Aria isn't afraid to fight for justice, peace, liberty, and love in any arena it needs to be fought. 

Legalize Magic Mushrooms

Keene should not follow the trends of other cities, but should lead by example. A multitude of evidence shows the medicinal benefits of "magic mushrooms" for the treatment of depression, PTSD, and anxiety. These naturally-grown mushrooms should be legal.

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